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Youth Products

At Merchants State Bank, we understand the importance of teaching children to save money at an early age.  Are you a parent interested in getting your kids started on managing their money or saving for college?  Or are you a full-time student looking to save money by lowering your banking fees?  If so, our banking products may be right for you. 

Merchants State Bank offers the following convenient, no-fee youth products to fit your needs:

Free Checking

A no-frills basic checking account that provides individuals flexibility and convenience with no monthly fee or minimum balance requirements. 


  • No minimum balance
  • Free ATM transactions within InstaKey Network
  • Unlimited check writing privileges
  • Direct Deposit available

Reorder Checks

Merchants State Bank Debit Card


Savings Account

A traditional savings account that instills good savings habits at an early age.  This account provides good educational experience for earning interest, reading statements, and handling bank transactions.

  • $10 minimum opening balance
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • ATM access with available qualifying checking account
  • Direct Deposit available


Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA)

The CESA is a useful vehicle for saving for "qualified education" expenses.  CESAs are designed to encourage early and consistent savings by offering a convenient way for families to save for college.  Merchants State Bank offers a no-fee CESA. 


Benefits of the CESA include:

  • All money grows federal and state income-tax free
  • All withdrawals for qualified higher education expenses are exempt from federal income tax
  • The beneficiary can be changed at any time to another member of the beneficiary's family
  • Make regular contributions through automatic transfers from any Merchants State Bank Checking or Savings account
  • $2,000 maximum annual contribution limit

Merchants State Bank would like to help you plan for college. 

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